Five Top Tips for Perfect Party Planning

The holidays are crunch time when it comes to planning a party. Gerrity’s and Mom have some smart tips to help you make your party perfect every time. Here are five top suggestions to help you create a party it’s unforgettable and make the holidays “the most wonderful time of year” for all:

#1—Start with the basics!

Protect your time—it’s priceless. At this festive season, consider catering instead of cooking—so you can spend your valuable time planning creatively instead of on kitchen duty. From shopping to clean-up, a catered affair just might be a holiday event that’s great for everyone—including you!

#2—Don’t stress out!

Think about the type of party you wish to create. Consider a buffet—it’s a great way to let your guests enjoy selecting their favorites. And don’t force yourself to work in the kitchen all day before the party: appetizers and salads are tasty catered items. Your signature recipe along with proven favorites from Gerrity’s can make for a smart, fun party everyone will remember fondly.

#3—Think of yourself as a guest!

Put yourself in your guests’ place and imagine how your party would unfold. Are you having a seated dinner or a more casual get-together? This will help determine the choices you make for food and beverage. Either way it’s best to offer options for everyone’s tastes. To eliminate surprises (or an embarrassing situation) ask ahead about any guests’ food allergies. A great host is a thoughtful one!

#4—Create a festive setting!

The holidays offer an abundance of creative decorating and theme choices. Flowers show how much you care—a bright colorful decor signals your enthusiasm for your home and your guests alike. Call on Gerrity’s floral arts to crate something striking! Likewise, the tableware napkin rings, party favors and other elects dress up the event and make you feel that it’s all “come together” in a fun and thoughtful way. And don’t forget the music!

#5—Let Mom make the most of your precious time!

Gerrity’s has a complete selection of famous food items–from appetizers, to desserts, to flowers and thank-you gifts. With Gerrity’s catering we can help you enjoy a stress-free, fabulous feast…casual get-together…or intimate party for two or more. Mom gives you so many delicious choices—you can order on-line at gerrity’, with store pick-up— or your party can be delivered right to your home. Our knowledgeable and experienced party planners can make it happen—just ask!

For a complete guide to party planning and gift giving, pick up a copy of our 63 page colorful booklet at any Gerrity’s location.
Happy partying!