Donation Request

As a locally owned, family run business, we care about the community and we are happy to consider your donation request. Since we receive hundreds of requests each month, we have created this form for the purpose of streamlining the process. While we do have a generous budget, please understand that it is difficult to fulfill every request due to the large number we receive. Here is how we decide:

Priority is assigned based on the following factors:
1) Merit: To what extent does the request benefit the community?
2) Proximity: Does the donation help the communities where our customers live?
3) Our Customers: Does the person(s) and/or organization regularly shop at Gerrity’s?
4) Fair Share: Have we already made a recent donation to your cause or organization?

In order to be considered:
The form must be completed in its entirety. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
A written request on your organization’s letterhead must be attached.
Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

Click Here To View a Printable Form

  • Person(s) making the Request:

  • *A Gold Club Account is Required for your Request to Be Considered
    *Your Gold Club Account Number will be whatever number you use when you checkout at our store. It will either be your 10 digit phone number or an 11 digit loyalty ID starting with a 41.
    *Your loyalty ID can always be found on the top of your receipt.
    Name:Gold Club # :Phone: 
  • Organization making the Request:

  • If No organization, please list address where donation should be sent