I am Joyce "Mom" Fasula, President and Owner of Gerrity's. As you may have heard, we have some

great news to share with you. Starting on Friday, August 12th, our stores will begin to switch over to

a new supplier and a new advertising banner. The big reason we are making this move is to help you

save even more on your grocery bill. We will also be changing from Gerrity’s Shursave to Gerrity’s

The Fresh Grocer. You can start watching your newspaper and email for our new Fresh Grocer ad

on Fridays in early August in Lackawanna County, mid-September in Luzerne County, and mid-

October in Bethlehem. The schedule of our conversion is below. Please note that you will need to

register your email address at freshgrocer.com to begin receiving the new ad by email.


We have spent months planning the conversion, but this will be a complex process for our family

business. We appreciate your patience during the few short weeks of each store’s transition. Please

know that we are doing this for you. We are doing this to provide a better shopping experience for

you and to help you save more money.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can email us

at mom@gerritys.com or call 570-342-4144.






What does it mean to you?

-You’ll save even more!

-Larger Assortment

-Better Technology

-New store brand with more selection

What won’t change?

Our service

Our people

Our recipes

Our philosophy

And rest assured that...

I’ve heard a rumor that Gerrity’s is being sold, is that true?

Nope! Our family still owns Gerrity’s. We are just changing our main supplier and that means we

need to change our advertising banner to The Fresh Grocer.

What is The Fresh Grocer?

Much like Shursave, this is an advertising banner for family-owner supermarkets. There are 11

other Fresh Grocer stores in PA and New Jersey. As the name suggests, the Fresh Grocer banner

focuses on freshness and quality, which fits Gerrity’s very well.

Will our recipes, meats, or service change?

Nope, nope and nope again! We aren’t changing anything that makes Gerrity’s, Gerrity’s. Our

signature prepared foods, baked goods, meats, and our team will stay the same.


When will your favorite location transition to Gerrity’s The Fresh Grocer? Here is the schedule:

Is the loyalty program changing?

Yes, we will be changing to the Fresh Grocer Price Plus Card. You can sign up now

at freshgrocer.com or at your favorite Gerrity’s location.

Will Gerrity’s gift cards change?

Yes. We will be putting in new register systems, which cannot process Gerrity’s gift cards. We will

begin selling and accepting Fresh Grocer gift cards as soon as each store converts. We will accept

Gerrity’s gift cards for one month after the store converts, but you will need to go the service desk to

have them swapped out. To save time, we encourage you to redeem your Gerrity’s gift cards prior to

the conversion of your store.

What will happen to your points?

As part of the transition, we will be installing a new register system. As a result, points will not

transfer over automatically. We encourage you to redeem your points before your store converts or

stop at another Gerrity’s location before it converts. To make it even easier, we will be giving you

500 points when you sign up for a Fresh Grocer Price Plus Card.

What will happen to the Prescription Gold Program?

This program will be replaced by the Rx Bucks Program. The great news is that you will now receive

a $10 reward for every tenth prescription!!! (The previous program was every thirteenth) Please

save your last receipt before your store converts. When you bring it in after the transition, our

pharmacy staff will add the points to your new Rx Bucks account.

Will Gerrity’s still be participating in the Shursave Circular?

As each store converts over to The Fresh Grocer advertising banner, we will transition from the

Shursave weekly circular to the Fresh Grocer. This will occur on Friday of the week when the new

Fresh Grocer ad comes out. That day, we will be installing our new register system and will no

longer be able to honor the prices and items in the Shursave ad.

When will the Fresh Grocer ad be in the newspaper?

Our new ad will start on Fridays.  Customers in Lackawanna County can start watching for our new

ad in early August. Luzerne County customers can look for it after mid-September. Bethlehem

customers will receive the ad in their mailbox on Thursday or Friday.

Will Gerrity’s still offer online shopping?

Yes. We will still offer online shopping for both groceries and catering orders. Lackawanna County

customers can begin placing orders on Friday, August 19th for delivery on Monday, August 22nd and

Luzerne County customers can begin ordering on Friday, September 16th for delivery on Monday,

September 19th. Click on the link below and select your store and begin placing orders. For more

information, click here:

Wakefern Contact Page

Grocery And Catering

Will Gerrity’s still offer a 5% Senior Discount?

Yes, we will continue to offer a 5% discount to senior citizens over the age of 60.

I participate in Escrip, will that program change?

Yes, we will be discontinuing Escrip. When one of our locations converts and we install the new

register system, we will no longer be participating in Escrip.  Any past purchases will be totaled, and

your charity will receive the rebates. We are still participating in the discounted gift card program

through your school. Please contact your program administrator for detail on how to purchase the

gift cards.

Will the Bagging for Charity program continue?

Yes, this program will not change.