Introducing Your NEW

Gerrity’s Gold Club Membership

Gold Club Membership

Same Rewards Program. New Benefits!

  • No longer need to carry a card!
  • Use your mobile phone number when you shop to take advantage of all the GOLD CLUB has to offer!
  • Don’t have a mobile phone number? Continue to earn points with your home phone number.

Gold Club Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Shursave?
Shursave is a group of family owned supermarkets who work collectively to purchase, advertise and operate with the goal of delivering the best possible shopping experience to you, our valued customer. Gerrity’s is a member of the Shusave Group.
What Is The Shursave Gold Club?
The Gold Club is a loyalty program that allows you to receive discounts and personalized offers, clip ecoupons and earn Points when you shop at any Shursave location. You can then redeem those Points for money off items and purchases.
How Can I Become A Member?
You can click the “Join Now” button above or visit any Gerrity’s location. Each of our stores offers an in-store kiosk as well as a “Treasure Chest” terminal at each check-out. Just enter your phone number at the kiosk or at any terminal and you’ll instantly begin saving.
Will I Receive A Gold Club Card?
No. Your Gold Club Membership is entirely digital, which means you don’t need to remember to carry a card! At checkout, you simply enter your phone number at the “Treasure Chest Terminal”.
Is Shursave Gold Club Rewards Available In All Shursave Locations?
Yes, but many of the locations may offer additional points or run specialized offers that are only available at that individually owned retailer. For example, Gerrity’s, a member of Shursave, may run a promotion which offers additional points for purchasing specific items. Those items and those points would only be valid at Gerrity’s. However, it would be valid at all Gerrity’s locations.
What Items Are Excluded From The Gold Club Program?
The State of Pennsylvania will not allow certain products to be discounted or to be included in a loyalty program. These include, but are not limited to: Alcohol, Tobacco, Milk Products, Lottery and Money Orders. Currently, you can earn but not redeem Points on Gerrity’s Delivers and
How Do I Update My Membership Information?
Please visit You will be able to update information and create a new password. You can also update your account on our in-store kiosk.
Can the Program Be Modified or Terminated?
Yes. We may change the Gold Club terms or cancel the program entirely.
Can My Membership Ever Be Revoked?
Yes. We may cancel your Gold Club membership at any time if account abuse or fraudulent activity takes place. If that happens, you will lose your Points and other Rewards.
Who Can I Contact If I Am Having Trouble With My Account?
Please call any Gerrity’s store location or email us at You can also call Mom’s main office Monday-Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM at 570-342-4144.
Is There an App I Can Use?
Mom has her team working hard to develop a state of the art smart phone app for both the Apple and Android devices. It should roll out by June of 2020.
If I give my phone number, how often will I get calls and texts?
We will never call you for marketing purposes. We would only call you for customer service purposes. We will only be sending texts on an occasional basis. However, when we do, we promise to make it worth your while. It will always be something very special and very meaningful.
Do you share my information?
We have had a loyalty program for over 20 years. Your trust is very important to us. We have never and will never sell your personal information (including your name, address and phone number).

Gold Club Reward Points:

How Do I Earn Rewards Points?
When you check out, enter your phone number on the “Treasure Chest” terminal. You’ll start earning points immediately. You earn 1 point for every dollar you spend (except items excluded by law).
How Do I Redeem Points?
When you have Points to redeem, you’ll be presented with choices at checkout. You can redeem all your Rewards at once or save some points for another time.
Where Can I See My Rewards History?
You can see your Points, spending and offers when you login at or at our in-store kiosk. You can also see your points balance at check-out.
How Do I Get Free Items And Bonus Point Offers?
All you need to do is grab that specified item off the shelf and head to check out. At checkout, once the item(s) is scanned, and you have provided your phone number, you will automatically earn Points and/or the free item will be applied. The only thing you need to do is be a member of our The Gold Club Rewards program.
Will My Points Ever Expire?
As long as you are a regular shopper, your points will not expire. Points only expire after 30 consecutive days with no purchases.
Can I Earn Points on Pharmacy Purchases?
Yes. You are able to earn Points on your prescription co-pay. You will also earn $10 in free groceries for every 13th prescription you fill.
If I am enrolled in Escrip, can I earn Gold Club Reward Points also?
When you are enrolled in Escrip, your points are donated to the charity you have chosen. While you will receive Gold Club Member discounts at the register, your points will accrue towards Escip, not the Gold Club. You can change this at any time, by contacting Mom’s main office Monday-Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM or emailing us at