Mom Gives Back

At Gerrity’s, Mom and her family are committed to giving back to our community.  Being born and raised in Northeast PA, Joyce “Mom” Fasula and her sons, Joe and Neal, feel a deep sense of responsibility to make our area a better place to live and work.

That’s why Gerrity’s offers several ways for you and your non-profit organization to raise money as well as the opportunity to request a donation directly from Mom.  The Gerrity’s website contains information on all of the these opportunities.  Below is a listing of the total donation totals from last year :


Coupon Fundraising $23,298
Bagging for Charity $9,317
Direct Donation from Mom $57,173*
Shursave CommunityRewards $11,245**
EScrips $69,400
5% Paper School Certificates $59,400
Weinberg Food Bank (CEO) $84,665***
Total Donations $314,498

*in Cash, Gift Certificates and grocery products

**This is Gerrity’s portion of this Shursave Program.  The total donation by all of Shursave is much higher.

***Food donations to member agencies such as food banks, soup kitchens etc.