Community Rewards

Run Dates: January 01 - December 31, 2017
At ShurSave Supermarkets we are committed to serving the communities that support us every day. ShurSave Community Rewards is an exciting program that allows local nonprofit groups the opportunity to earn $.03 for every purchase of our family of store brand products by registered Gold Card members. Our store brands include Best Yet, Exceptional Value, Top Care, Paws, Full Circle Organics, Nature’s Finest, Academix, Domestix & 1893 Deli Meats. Also, watch throughout the year for details on "Double Your Rewards" week when groups have a chance to earn $.06 for every item purchased by registered Gold Card members!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my Gold Card has 10 digits after the number 41?
Only use the first 9 digits after the number 41 on your card.

I’m the Non-Profit Group coordinator. Can I enter my members’ Gold Card numbers?
Yes. Please enter all correct information in the required fields marked by an asterisk. You should use your email address when signing up individuals who do not have access to the internet.

Why is my username/gold card number not being accepted in the username/gold card number box?
Our username/gold card number may not contain any spaces or symbols but any combination of letters and/or numerals can be used. There can be NO duplicate gold card numbers.

I shop at two different participating Community Rewards grocery stores . Will I get credit at both stores?
No matter which store you frequent, your purchases will credit the group you chose.

Do I have to re-enter my Gold Card numbers at the beginning of every program year?
No. Gold Cards will rollover each year.

Can I change the group for which I am earning points?
You can change the group you are contributing to at any time. Simply log into your Gold Card account and choose another group from the drop down list.

How do I make changes to my group’s account?
Simply log into your group’s account and select Update Group Info.

I forgot my password. Can you send it to me?
Yes. Enter your username or Gold Card number and select Send my password, then click the login button.