Keep Calm and Carry On

Hi everyone. This is Joe Fasula, co-owner.

I want to update you on where we stand. First, I’d like to call out the picture below – you’ve probably seen this before, but did you know it comes from Britain in World War II? As they were being shelled from above, the country maintained its class and composure throughout. This sign became a rallying cry and a source of pride for the people. I think it is important that we, as a community, follow their example. Stay calm. We got this! As a country, as a community and as Gerrity’s, we will get through it.

…and as Gerrity’s, I want to let you know what we are doing:

We are contacting every supplier we can to get as much product as possible. We may be out of a lot of items at times, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to get more. for example, we have talked to companies like Hatfield who is increasing production as we speak. Just be patient and know that more is on the way.

We have a lot of product inbound and we are increasing orders whenever possible. Please understand that demand may drive prices higher. For example, we have strawberries ordered for this week’s ad. The cost was $3.00 per package and we have them advertised as a loss leader for $2.99. We think we will have enough, but if we have to order more, it will be at the higher cost of $4.63 per package. In that case, we would sell them for $4.63. You have my word that we will maintain our normal mark-up OR LESS throughout this ordeal.

We will be placing limits on products. We have limits on many items already and more will be coming. The items we limit will be in response to supply and demand. Our goal is to serve as many people as possible and that will be the best way. At some point, we may just institute an across the board limit. If you see this, don’t get worried. It is just to keep the product on the shelves so everyone can get some.

Our employees have answered the call of duty. However, they are getting tired. Many have worked long hours and extra days (We are paying salaried people extra for their extra days) They are all doing an awe-inspiring job, but please be patient with them. We need them to stay in good spirits, which has certainly been the case so far. Also, if you know anyone looking for work, please have them contact one of our stores or our HR department at 570-342-4144 ext 1020. They can also apply here:
This is especially important if they have supermarket or food service experience. We welcome any help, but it would be much easier if we don’t have to train them from scratch right now.

I am in daily contact with our packaging and chemical supplier, Northeast Penn Supply in Scranton. They have done everything possible to keep cart wipes, disinfectant spray, and packaging flowing into our stores. As you know first hand, wipes are a hot commodity right now. The same goes for cart wipes. As I write this post, we have cart wipes and more are coming on Thursday, but I don’t know if we will have enough to make it until then. I am asking that you please use only one wipe when you come in. We need to make them last. However, if we do run out of cart wipes, we will figure out a solution to keep the carts clean for every single customer.

Please follow our page for future updates. As time allows and as necessity demands, I will post additional updates. We will continue to do our very best for you every day because NEPA is our home and you’re our family. Hang in there.

Joe Fasula

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