COVID-19 Update (3/17/2020)

Hi everyone. Joe Fasula again. We are still working feverishly to keep the shelves stocked and keep everything clean.

I have a lot of updates to report:

Senior Citizen Shopping:
This is the most important news. Beginning next week, we will open exclusively for Senior Citizens on Tuesdays from 7 AM – 9 AM and Fridays from 7 AM – 8 AM. This will include people 60 and over and it will be strictly enforced. An ID will be required. Helpers, Aids or family members under 60 will not be allowed in the store. It will only be for senior citizens. If you need to have a helper or aid, we ask that you instead send them to the store to shop for you during the time for the general public. Keep in mind that the whole point of this is to allow seniors to shop in an isolated environment. Depending on how this is received and how much demand there is, we may consider other days. This is a big move for us because we are very sensitive to the inconvenience that this may cause for other shoppers. However, we feel that it is a decision that will serve the greater good. under 60 shoppers will be allowed into the store at 9 AM sharp.

Store Hours:
Beginning Thursday 3/19, we will be closing all stores one hour early every day to do additional cleaning. This means
9 PM Mon-Sat and 8 PM on Sunday. We have been cleaning this whole time, but we feel that we can be more efficient without customers in the store. More importantly, this will allow our already exhausted team to start cleaning earlier and get home earlier.

Advertised sales:
Due to the inconsistency of supply, many retailers are canceling advertising. We disagree with this. We are committed to passing along every penny of savings that we can. Whatever we get on sale, you will get on sale. You will still see the Shursave circular in your paper this week and you will still see sale signs on our shelves. We just ask for your understanding if we are out of something. We will continue to limit all high demand items whether they are on sale or not. We will not be substituting and we will not be issuing rain-checks.
We will also still be sending out our weekly produce email blast. We have a lot of great items this week. If you aren’t receiving it, you can sign up by registering your email on your Gold Club account using the link at the bottom of this post. The only exception to our advertising commitment is our daily Facebook deals. It is too difficult for us to try to ensure the supply of one item for one day when we don’t know if we will even receive a truck that day. We hope you understand our reasoning for these decisions.

Of course, the big question is… Where’s the beef? (and chicken and pork) The answer is: it’s all coming tomorrow (Wednesday 3/18). We don’t know what time, but our suppliers assure us that we will have it. The rest of the week is hard to predict at this point, but we will have meat coming in daily. As I’ve said in the past, there is no reason to worry. The farmers are still going to work. However, to ensure as much supply as possible, we will limit all items to two packs per household.

We have a lot of produce flowing into the stores and prices are staying pretty stable. We might even be able to get some really good buys to pass along. It seems that the produce market may have avoided the giant stock-up craziness.

The shelves are filling back up and so is the supply chain. The worst of it might be behind us unless there’s a substantial government lockdown that impedes production and transportation. You may not find the exact brand or size you want, but if you come for pasta, you will get pasta. The big challenge is getting it from the warehouse to the store. There’s plenty of supply, just not enough warehouse workers, trucks and drivers.

Other notes:
-We have closed our salad bars and olive bars. We will be pre-packing these items.
-Our buffets will be service only. We will have employees there to serve you.
-Since restaurants are take out only, we will be closing our cafe seating areas to customers.

We have a very big surprise for my work family who might be reading this post. As you know, we bought you all lunch yesterday to acknowledge what an amazing job you have done. Now we want to do something even bigger. Starting this week and going through April 5th, every member of our team will receive an additional dollar per hour. You have all worked so hard and done so much to take care of our customers that we wanted to show our appreciation. Thank you again!

That’s all for now!
Joe Fasula

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