Gerrity’s Corner Drugstore and You 

The Gerrity’s Pharmacy at our Keyser and Hanover locations is more than merely a place to fill your prescriptions. We see our Drugstores as adding another dimension to serving your health and wellness needs. 

Our pharmacists recognize the connection between your medications and your diet. That’s why, in addition to answering questions and advising you on your prescriptions, they can offer nutrition recommendations. In fact, since everything is under one roof, our pharmacy staff can point you to the correct isle.

Whether you refill online, call in, or drop off your prescription, we aim to fill it quickly, even while you shop. It’s our continued goal to offer the convenience you deserve, which is why our drive-thru service is also available for dropping off and picking up during pharmacy hours.

We encourage you to use your Gold Card every time you have a prescription filled at Gerrity’s Pharmacy. Every time you accumulate the program requirement of 13 filled prescriptions, you will receive a $10 Prescription Gold discount off a future grocery order purchase at Gerrity’s. We tally your prescription purchases automatically, so there’s no need to save receipts. However, if you want a Prescription Gold update, simply check the bottom of your register receipt. You’ll always know how many prescriptions you have purchased toward the program requirement of 13 filled prescriptions.

As an added incentive to making Gerrity’s your drugstore, we are now offering $10 in free groceries with a new or transferred prescription.