Save Time. Grocery Shop Online with Gerrity’s Delivers

Home delivery of groceries is not a new idea, but the digital age has changed it quite a bit. Thanks in part to the Rosie app, we’re proud to offer Gerrity’s Delivers. Now it’s easier than ever to get the Gerrity’s products you love brought right to your front door.

To get started, download the Rosie app, our online shopping partner. You can create a free account and start shopping Gerrity’s complete inventory. At checkout, you have the option for delivery. Here are a few advantages to using Gerrity’s Delivers.

Budget and track how much you spend.

There will be no surprises at the checkout counter because you can watch your total as you add items. Additionally, your invoices are saved online so that you can easily monitor your spending. This also means you can track when you purchased certain items and what you are buying from one delivery to the next.

Plan meals.

If you like to plan your meals, maintain a specialty diet, or count calories, shopping online with the Rosie app and Gerrity’s Delivers allows you to save your favorite items and ingredients on your homepage. Rosie can even alert you when you’re running out of products that you frequently purchase.

Shop for someone else.

Gerrity’s Delivers can be immensely useful when it comes to shopping for others, far or near. It allows you to shop online and schedule delivery to family, friends, or loved ones who may be elderly, injured, or disabled to secure quality Gerrity’s products without leaving home.

Save yourself time.

We know how busy life can get, but with Gerrity’s Delivers you can reclaim an hour or two a week. Using the Rosie app, you can add an entire previous order to your shopping cart and edit it as needed.

Convenience and savings.

With Gerrity’s Delivers you can shop whenever works best for you, regardless of store hours. The Rose app allows for easy access to online specials and coupons and gives individualized recommendations that introduce you to new products. It also offers customized search results based on your unique preferences