How to Make the Most of Your Time at Gerrity’s

While we love you and wish you could stay at Gerrity’s all day, we know that’s impossible. You’re busy. We get it. That’s why we wanted to offer a few suggestions to make your trips to Gerrity’s more efficient—so you can get in and out, live a little life, and come back soon.

1.  Keep your grocery list in your phone.

Our smartphones do so many things; for many of us they’re indispensable objects that we always carry. The notes feature is particularly useful as a place to keep a running grocery list because you never know when you’ll need to stop at Gerrity’s.

2.  Organize your grocery list by sections of the market.

A simple way to streamline your Gerrity’s experience is to organize your list into groups: produce, frozen foods, bakery, butcher, etc. This way you’ll be able to collect all the items you need from one aisle or section of the store before moving on to the next.

3.  Snap a pic of your pantry or fridge.

Another thing those pesky phones of ours do is take pictures. It can’t hurt to take a quick photo of your refrigerator or pantry before you head out. We’ve all been there: “Milk wasn’t on the list, but weren’t we running low?” Check your photos and jog your memory.

4.  Ask employees for help.

If you’re struggling to locate at item or have a question, don’t take it on alone. Our friendly staff is there to help with all of your shopping needs.